Study 3b: Young Refugees in the Labour Market – What are the Experiences of the Trajectory from Education to Labour Market

Aims of the study: This study will explore the experiences of young refugees in the trajectory from different types of educational institutions to an active role in the local labour market using Finland as a Nordic case, and explore the experiences of employers of employing refugees.

Research questions: What are the barriers and key factors determining recruitment (for example physical appearance/skin color, gender, educational level, economical sector and professions, language talent etc.)? Which are the key factors in staying in the labor market after a successful entry? Through which mechanisms and persons have the young refugees found jobs, and how have personal networks and connections been involved in this process? What kind of processes exist among the young refugees who are unemployed?

Methods: Qualitative interviews with a strategic sample of young refugees with diverse origins, and employers with and without employed refugees will be conducted and guided by the research questions mentioned above. The interviews will be analyzed using a narrative life story approach. Interviews with a diverse sample of employers will also be conducted guided by research questions about recruitment strategies in general and experiences of particular advantages/disadvantages with employees with a refugee background. These interviews will be analyzed with content analysis. The interview material will thereby be used to contextualize findings from the register studies (Study 1).

Researchers: Elli Heikkilä (Study Coordinator) and Eveliina Lyytinen.

For more information about this study, please contact study coordinator Elli Heikkilä