Study 2c: A comparative analysis of Nordic policies to facilitate entry into the labor market

Aims of the study: This study aims to provide a broad comparative overview of policies in the Nordic countries to facilitate entry into the labor market for young persons in general, and young refugees in particular.

Methods: The study will be based on qualitative analyses of policy documents issued by the national governments on general labor market policies for young people as well as policies that specifically target refugees. Labor laws, labor regulations and documentation of evaluations of policies will also be looked for and included in the study material, as will national statistics on labor market participation for young persons. The study material will be analysed in a cross country and secular perspective to identify major differences between the Nordic countries at specific time periods.

Researchers: Karl Gauffin (Study Coordinator), Lena Andersson, Isabell Schierenbeck and Eveliina Lyytinen.

For more information about this study, please contact study coordinator Karl Gauffin