Study 1: Comparative register studies

In this core study of the project we will use data from national registers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden to investigate mechanisms in the trajectories from adolescence to the mental health and socio-economic situation of the young adult related to mental health status in childhood, reception policies, education and labor market participation.  

The primary study population will consist of refugees who settled in the Nordic countries from the 1980’s onwards in the age 0-19. Comparison populations will be offspring of refugees and other immigrants and the age-matched majority population in each country.

The analysis will be guided by the following model: 

Model study 1

Anders Hjern (Study Coordinator), Ketil Eide, Elli Heikkilä, Maili Malin, Signe Smith Jervelund, Aycan Celikaksoy, Christopher Jamil de Montgomery.

For more information about this study, please contact study coordinator Anders Hjern