The following are policy reports from the "Coming of Age in Exile"-project:

1. Working for Integration - A Comparative Analysis of Policies Impacting Labour Market Access among Young Immigrants and Refugees in the Nordic Countries. 
Karl Gauffin and Eveliina Lyytinen. 

2. Refugee and Immigrant Children's Right to Education - A Comparative Analysis of Education Policies targeting Immigrant Children in the Nordic Countries.
Mette Kirstine Tørslev and Anne Sofie Rothe Børsch.

3. A Healthy Start – A comparative analysis of health reception policies for asylum-seeking and refugee children in the Nordic countries
Camilla Michaëlis, Allan Krasnik and Marie Nørredam

The following are study reports from the "Coming of Age in Exile"-project:

1. Two-way labour market integration?
Eveliina Lyytinen and Nita Toom