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National policy makers

  • Jens Lunnan Hjort, Senior Adviser, Analysis Section, Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi)
  • Tone Abrahamsen, Senior Adviser, Directorate of Education and Training (Udir), Department of Research and International Work

Local policy makers                              

  • Dag Fjæstad, Senior Adviser, Deputy Leader, The National Centre for Multicultural Education (NAFO)
  • Hanneke Ørne Bruce, Team leader,  City-wide resource center for unaccompanied refugee minor (BYMIF), Oslo


  • Hilde Krogh, PhD Sociology, Leader URM Guardian Association ‘Følgesvennen’ (the Companion)
  • Whyn Lam, Social Anthropologist, Multicultural Initiative and Resource Network (MiR) 


  • Helen Johnsen Christie, Special Adviser, Regional Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eastern and Southern Norway (RBUP)
  • Kari Tormodsvik – Adviser Minority Students, Dept. of Quality and Development, Telemark County Council 

Youth representatives

  • Karoline Steen Nylander, Leader PRESS, Save the Children’s Youth Organisation
  • Ali Hamid Rezai, Student, Skien Municipality