Project organisation

The CAGE project is a joint venture between five Nordic research institutions lead by the Danish Research Centre for Migration, Ethnicity and Health (MESU). The project is organised in the form of the following three overall studies, respectively:

1. Comparative Registry Studies in National Cohorts of Young Refugees 

2. Comparative Analyses of Welfare Policies in the Nordic Countries

  • a. Improving the Health Reception of Young Refugees in the Nordic Countries
  • b. The Role of Education Policies and Schools in Meeting the Needs of Refugee Students and Tackling Inequities in Education and Labour Market Outcomes
  • c. A comparative Analysis of Nordic Policies to Facilitate Entry into the Labor Market

3.  Qualitative studies of education and participation on the labour market

  • a. A study of Educational and Psychosocial Transitions Encountered by Young Refugees upon Resettlement 
  • b. Young Refugees in the Labour Market – What are the Experiences of the Trajectory from Education to Labour Market

Read more about the studies here.

The project organization includes a Steering Committee, a management and administration team, an International Advisory Board and country specific User Boards that have not yet been established.

View the organisational chart here.